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Whether you want to start building a property portfolio, manage a growing portfolio or are in the business of helping people build wealth through property, you need to know how to accurately and objectively research the property market in Australia...

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Suburb research under the magnifying glass

Anyone can buy property or invest in property development... take a few tips from estate agents, your mates or the news media and hope for the best, right? Well, only if you want to get stuck on just one property like... well... almost everyone in Australia. 99.3% to be precise. You know it takes much more to build a self-funding property portfolio and achieve your dream of retiring sooner or merely living life on your terms free of financial worry. Read our property market research blogs below to learn more, and check out our property market research tool Boomscore to get started.

Property call option agreements are a great tool for improving the value of someone else's property or land before paying for. Current

The fundamentals and statistics of an area provide a leading indication of which direction property prices will take in the future. [Article

When identifying locations to invest, an investor undertakes two types of research, but which is best... Statistical vs Fundamental research - here's

It is possible to mitigate against common investment risks, so you can push unnecessary fears aside and invest in property with confidence.Many

With so much property market data published in the media, it’s hard to tell if this data is causing price movement or

Effective suburb research can be done in 4 simple steps ... learn how. Published in Your Investment Property Magazine, March 2014 (but

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