6 year old girl beats the property market experts.

In 2014 we did a basic experiment with our founder's little girl to illustrate how powerful Boomscore is in the hands of everyone regardless of their experience and to give proof it works. Using Boomscore, she picked her Top 50 suburbs ranked by their Boomscore.

The result? Her Top 50 suburbs beat the market average by a whopping 26%.

"Michael's property data is amongst the best in the industry."

I have used many sources of market data for my projects and find that Michael's is amongst the best in the industry. His quality and range of information coupled with his analysis and technology is excellent. I always use it to evaluate my investment and development opportunities. It has definitely reduced the risk and uncertainty in many of my projects and investments."

Rory McLeod, NSW  Leading Buyers Agent

Boomscore beats the experts & market average... Here's proof it works!

Since 2009, Boomscore data analysts have compared the various Top Suburb predictions published by various property media and experts. Often these are compiled after great effort and analysis whereas Boomscore's competing predictions were generated at the click of a button. Below are some comparisons to the old property magazine top locations lists since the GFC.

Choosing only one suburb instead of a Top 50 or Top 100 bucket of suburbs

Various property media publish their Top Suburbs lists annually. The problem with this approach is the investor cannot benefit from this average like they would buying a basket of shares, for example.

Boomscore's Top 10 for 2015 averaged 21% compared to the market average of 8% for the same period. This is great if you had exposure to all these suburbs to enjoy this average.
We decided to commit to one suburb for 2015. The result was a 45% return for the same period.

Top 50 Suburb List

Boomscore vs. SPI magazine Top 50 Picks 2014

Smart Property Magazine (SPI) compiled its Top 50 suburbs based on the input of a number of property market experts.

Their average return was 33.30% for houses and 15.30% for units. Boomscore's average growth in median prices for its Top 50 suburbs over the same period was 40.97% for houses and 32.82% for units.

The national average capital growth from 2014 - 2016 was approximately 12%. 

Boomscore top 100 suburbs beat the experts in API magazine

How to find high capital growth when the property market is in a slump

The property market average was -1.7% according to Residex after the GFC yet there were locations that far outperformed the negative returns experienced in most locations around Australia.

Australian Property Investment Magazine (API) compiled its Top 100 Suburbs which was a complicated and exhaustive process. Boomscore's Top 100 beat both the API Top 100 and the market average in a matter of clicks.

Property magazine Top 50 Boom Suburbs

Boomscore founder Michael Fuller has contributed his data and location predictions to various property magazines for more than a decade including as an expert panelist in the following annual forecasts for Smart Property Magazine.

Give it a go. Get your own Top 50 Suburb list using Boomscore Hotspot Finder.