Property market research just got easier, faster & more profitable even for the time-poor property investor sceptic

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The essential Guide to Property Market Research

The Sceptical Property Investors Guide to Finding Investment Property Locations Set to Boom Soon

Essential Guide to Property Market Research

Yes, property market research is confusing and very time consuming... but this free 'Essential Guide to Property Market Research' will change that!

Mark Wahlberg won't be confused with the Essential Guide to Property Market Research

When property developers and property investors wonder if the location they are about to pin their hopes and dreams on will deliver the returns they need, here’s what I tell them:

92% of suburbs are no-go zones... rents in these areas will be poor and unlikely to grow much and capital growth will be zero or less...stay clear

A 'no-go zone' suburb in Boomscore is a suburb where supply far meets (and may exceed) demand so prices are either going to decline or go sideways. This also occurs in a hot market.

Have you tried analysing vast troves of property market data?... Perhaps spending hours on property forums or online searching?... Trying to get that 'hot tip' about where to invest next? The problem is most property investors simply move too slowly... there's too much to do and life is very busy. Not so?

...or worse - did you simply give up building that self-funding property portfolio because it all got too hard?

10 years later, when the property market booms like crazy and your friends sell off a property or two for some serious fun money, you simply tell yourself they got lucky. It could have gone the other way.

Instead, by the time you eventually make that huge decision about where and when to are now ready to take the plunge...the market has moved...your research has become redundant and you land up paying for someone else's capital growth - for the investors that got in before you arrived to buy their much more expensive property.

OR...are you that investor that gets in first before everyone else follows and pushes up your price? 

The ATO says 99.3% will not retire on rental income from their property portfolio...and 60% will buy properties that will cost them money. The same goes for property developers.

Is this because your research bogs you down in the itty bitty details of every potential area causing confusion: "Where do I begin?".

And while you're “finding, compiling and then analysing the vast troves of property market data”, you miss the GENUINE opportunities hidden in plain site.

The key is to NOT find reasons to KEEP a location or ten for further time-consuming research…rather, you want to find reasons to throw it away.

And you want to do this fast.

That way you can look at more (better) locations in less time…. AND... quickly find the 'cash cows' that put money in your pocket and 'high growth gems' that mean financial retirement sooner.

That's why I developed my rapid property market assessment tool, Boomscore, for property investors and anyone who wants to find, analyse and track key data changes in the very best locations countrywide.

Imagine spending only 20 minutes, instead of 20 hours, pinpointing a basket of the very best suburbs that fit your unique budget and goals...with scientific accuracy?

No guessing...No relying on the 'experts'... No more frustration.

This free Essential Guide to Property Market finding the best areas for imminent capital growth...will give you FOCUS, SPEED and ACTIONABLE insights so you never again have to wonder who to trust...get overwhelmed...get others succeed...It's your guide to the most important element of property investment: property market research.

But also, we give you the research tech to put the steps into practice.

This essential guide will help you target a handful of high growth locations to focus on (and cleverly factors in your price range and strategy) more generic lists of 'hotspot suburbs'.

Using Boomscore, you will quickly isolate the best areas so you can quickly become an area expert anywhere in Australia. And it systemises the entire process filtering out almost 15,000 suburbs in...4-CLICKS...your eyes are not deceiving you...yes, 4-clicks.

Four Clicks and ... BOOM! The 'Essential Guide to Property Market Research' will show you how!

The beauty of this system is the sheer volume of suburbs it allows you to assess with ZERO EXPERIENCE.

...PLUS... The Essential Guide To Property Market Research (in Australia) you will help you understand WHY a particular location stands out compared to many thousands elsewhere. No blind belief but expert insight instead.

You will understand how to measure supply and demand so that you can target the areas where demand is outstripping supply...THE leading indicator of imminent property price increases.

You will learn how to quickly filter through...and DISQUALIFY...THOUSANDS of potential locations…all with just a few easy clicks.

And the faster you can disqualify the bad eggs, the more great areas you can look at.

… and the more areas you look at, the more deals you’ll find that will actually make you money...without lifting a paint brush or spending countless hours watching renovation TV shows.

Instead, you will find those capital growth gems in the dirt that others simply miss and BUY ahead of the uptick in house prices that always follow in these areas.

Then, when rents explode and prices rise, you will also know when to SELL...because Boomscore will tell you (the alerting system is amazing) to sell for maximum profit.

When all the supply-demand data is starting to trend downwards...what's happening?...Maybe it's time to sell and push that new found equity into an emerging hotspot? The point is you will know...on auto-pilot.

You will also be notified (if you want to be) when the data trends in the areas you are interested in are becoming more it time to buy? Maybe a sign it's time to shift your new found equity into the next upswing location before the local market begins to taper off?

Few areas have endless price growth so the old 'set and forget' approach to property is a very long view and with a ton of uncertainty.

The days of 'buy and hold forever' is advice your ageing Mum told you (bless her). Even when factoring in buying and selling costs, there is a lot of money to be made now if you sell and buy at the right time. just need to know WHEN and WHERE to BUY or SELL.

And this is automated for you in Boomscore.

Get the Essential Guide here

With a 'big corporate' background in Big Data and automated decisioning systems, I built Boomscore over 10 years ago with the help of some of the best brains in the business (one having bought and sold over 2,000 properties) and the best data geniuses in the business too.

Much of my data and commentary has featured in leading property media over the years.

But this is not about me...

I’ve also had the pleasure of helping other everyday Australians use the technology…many thousands in fact.

And now…?

I’m now offering limited access to my FREE Essential Guide to Property Market Research to teach the method on a broader scale.

In the essential guide we’ll cover topics like:

  • Why the majority of property investors FAIL (you might be one of them already and not even know it)
  • The dangers of investing with emotion (and how to avoid this very costly problem)
  • The 'Universal Law' of Supply and Demand that successful investors follow to identify high growth locations (and how big data can calculate this for you in seconds)
  • The 8 clear signs a suburb’s prices will ‘BOOM’ or ‘doom’ (and why missing even one or two out of your research could be your downfall)
  • The importance of analysing multiple property market indicators (for 15,000 Australian suburbs) ... side-by-side and in combination to ensure the accuracy of your research (we'll show you how to do it with ease, and why property market TRENDS are the key to success)
  • How to time the market with pinpoint accuracy (we will BUST the myth that 'time in the market' is a must for those wanting to grow their wealth aggressively)
  • Case study: How a 6 year old girl beat the property market experts and the market average capital growth by 27% in one year alone.

So, if you are serious about building a retirement nest egg or a self-funding property portfolio where your property purchases fund new property purchases with automatic equity, then tell me where I can send you the details...

Look forward to 'seeing you' soon.

All the best

Signature of Michael Fuller, founder of Boomscore and author of Essential Guide to Property Market Research

Michael Fuller

This guide is NOT for everyone...

Please don't download it if you are not serious about getting started and getting ahead through property investment.

So who is this guide not for?

  • Prefer to trust 'expert' advisors to recommend where to invest (this is okay, but make sure you have the data and facts too) 
  • Believe owning ONE or TWO properties will lead to financial freedom (the ATO stats make this clear, 60% lose money each month on their rental properties while only 1 in 100 achieve 6+ properties)
  • Prefer investing in their own backyard (the odds of finding the best of the best returns locally are unlikely unless you live in one of the 20 or so suburbs out of 15,000 that are super hot)
  • Think 'set and forget' investing is optimal (time in the market is not optimum. Selling high and buying low continuously builds wealth faster)
  • Have too much time (and prefer spending hours trawling the web for 'hot tips' on where to invest)
  • Buy on emotion (successful investing is always about the numbers, the facts and the supporting data)
  • Are not action takers (this guide, in conjunction with Boomscore, will give you the confidence to get started but it requires commitment and a certain 'can do' mindset
  • A client of Boomscore (our clients trust us to do it for them so you don't have to. We are NOT buyers' agents but are property developers with hand picked clients (Boomscore users) who are invited to join us if appropriate).