The Essential Guide To Property Market Research Using Big Data


The essential Guide to Property Market Research

The Sceptical Property Investors Guide to Finding Investment Property Locations Set to Boom Soon

Congrats! You've discovered Boomscore's free Essential Guide to Property Market Research... You're in luck!

You know why? Because you just discovered a 7-part essential Guide to property market research to learn how to research the Australian property market better than the experts and with very little time needed. Are you ready to get started?

In other words, if you need help learning how to find those elusive property investment locations that seem to generate 99% of the wealth for those few 'lucky' investors, but don’t know where or how to get started, you’ve come to the right place.

Now, that might sound like a bold statement, but this multi-chapter guide was created for property investors (and property developers) like you who just need some help to get going.

It's a detailed roadmap showing how to find those areas that will 'boom soon' but, importantly, match your budget ... especially if you have limited resources for professional research and time available to you.

Property market research using big data is huge right now.

Discovering where to invest using big data is only getting bigger.

Traditional property investors are worried they might get left behind as more tech savvy investors move in and buy the best properties in the best locations before the less savvy investors with their old fashioned research arrive later.

Are you that investor who pays other investors' capital gains?

Nobody wants to think they are last to the party when everyone else bought at the beginning of a local market upswing. 

With over 30,000 micro property markets with their own unique supply and demand forces, you really have a lot of choice. There are over 15,000 suburbs in Australia split into units and houses.

Do you have the time to analyse all the data and market dynamics for over 15,000 suburbs?

Of course you don't.

This Essential Guide to Property Market Research will answer one massive fundamental question...

How do you optimise your property market research using big data so you join the elite investors that have a knack of buying before the rest arrive later and push their prices up?

Well, that's exactly what you are going to learn in this guide.

Many of us know someone who seems to have all the 'luck' in the world… Someone we all thought was crazy when they invested in real estate in a location we had never heard of and then years later made a fortune with very little effort.

No lifting of paint brushes (renovation) or other value-adding strategies. Just pure organic wealth-building capital growth that seeds more property purchases (creating that vital finance deposit to keep buying more)... and ultimately an enviable rental income that will leave you enjoying more time with your family… when and where you choose to do so.

Do they know something the vast majority of negatively-geared property investors do not know? Investors who lose on average $10,000 per annum (according to the ATO - Australian Tax Office) while effectively subsidising their tenant’s lifestyle?

Today you could set yourself on the path to realising the dream of a passive income from property that few investors achieve ... less than 1% according to ATO statistics.

In other words, if you need help learning WHEN to buy property (timing the market) and WHERE to buy or sell property but don’t know where or how to get started, you’ve come to the right place. We will show you how to find the top 1% of growth locations… those suburbs that are set to boom because demand way exceeds supply.

Is this Guide for YOU?

Are you someone with limited seed money, who doesn’t know how to find and interpret property market research data and analyse the trends in order to make an objective decision on where to invest?

I bet you keep asking yourself: "where is the best location for me to invest… with my specific budget… for optimum rent and capital growth return?"

If you are feeling frustrated watching everyone else get ahead, wondering how to get started or how to maximise your existing property portfolio... if you don't know who to trust for the best advice - advice that is not biased or motivated by commissions and fees… perhaps you just want to buy any property just to get in the game (but know this is far too uncertain)... then this Essential Guide to Property Market Research is for you.

Do you have a strong work ethic and are willing to learn by doing? In other words, are you ready to move from theory to practice as fast as possible so you can take action on the things you learn and start your wealth creation journey today? What are you waiting for?

What does it mean to build a self-funding property portfolio?

A self-funding property portfolio is where each property you buy pays for the next property investment. The rents cover the debt and the capital growth (equity) funds the deposit for subsequent purchases. 

Simple, not so?

It may be simple in theory but in practice you need to understand the HOW (the strategy), the WHERE (to buy your next property) and the WHEN (the best time to buy and sell for maximum returns).

As they say: "The best time to buy was ten years ago"

But in the absence of hindsight, successful investors understand there are some very specific property market indicators that tell us when and where to buy… but in the past it was just too difficult to find, collate, analyse and order all this data across 15,000 suburbs (multiply that by two for the unit and house markets in these suburbs) in order to observe which location... in comparison… is most likely to become the next best performer in terms of capital growth.

Would you like to know… TODAY? Good.

Let's get started.

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