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Analyse Property Market Data With Boomscore Suburb Profiler And Choose The Best Investment Locations

Boomscore Suburb Profiler is (currently) a free tool to help you analyse property market data for over 15,000+ Australian suburbs. Suburb Profiler makes it easy to view all the supply and demand data from various online public sources including the all important trends in the data ... and all other indicators of whether property prices are set to boom or not. Be the first to be aware of and to choose the best investment locations (for capital growth potential)... so others arrive to push your property's price up.

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Main Benefits of Boomscore Suburb Profiler:

  • Location summary
    A suburb's summary Boom Score is classified into 5 different groups ranging from a 'no go zone' to a 'hotspot alert'. Each summary provides a meaningful description of what the capital growth score means and why, giving you an instant assessment of growth potential on the fly.
  • No more guessing
    Suburb Profiler brings together all the key property market data from various sources into a single view which makes it easier to analyse property market data, rapidly filtering out the lemons, to keep those suburbs that are ready to boom soon.
  • Data trends and charts
    Competing suburbs may have the same Boom Score but the trends in all the individual stats and summary score might tell a very different story between two suburbs. Boomscore charts all key data over time so you can continue to buy and sell in the best investment locations.

Learn how to profile and analyse a suburb

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